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Corporate meets Startup Innovation

Our Programs are designed to enhance your innovation capability by working with Startup from idea to exit

We Implement innovation

Our exclusive and invitation only Corporate Program begins with access to global innovative Startup at various stages of (NPI) New Product Introduction development. Corporate Team Members can engage with Startup through (G2M) go-to-market, distribution partnerships, licensing, investment, and acquisition. Corporate team members can execute their innovation roadmap and achieve strategic outcomes while reducing the risks caused by internal initiatives and fast-paced external Startup. Explore additional insights from Mckinsey and Accenture

We are the First in Silicon Valley to expand Corporate Innovation Center ability to implement or fund Innovation through Corporate Venture Group. We simply map your innovation focus with Startup already working to solve similar challenges, then implement your NPI, G2M or both. Our Global Tech Labs is scalable with large pool of on-Demand engineers, scientists, and designers. We are industry agnostic and serve primarily:

Global Fortune 500 Companies

IP Portfolio Licensing Partners

Research Park and Universities

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Global Startup Portfolio:

We have over 5,000 registered Startup who received over $500 Million in external investment in various industries and verticals, from AI and IoT, to Robotics, Digital, Mobile, AR/VR, Connected Cars, O2O, Security, Bitcoin, 3D Printing, Fintech, Clean-Tech, Health-Tech, BioTech, Ed-Tech, Agro-Tech, Art-Tech, and Media. Through our channel partners we have access to thousands more Startup from which we can search and select Startup that meet Corporate Members' needs.

Our Startup Program begins with portfolio Startup access to global fortune 500 companies. We recommend vetted Startup to Corporate members to engage through (G2M) go-to-market, chaneel distribution, IP licensing, funding, and acquisition. Startup can execute their vision and achieve financial outcomes much faster while reducing the risks caused by fundraising and market fit. Explore additional insights from Mckinsey and Accenture We are industry agnostic and serve primarily:

Global Startup from seed to Series B Funding

Solo Founder with IP Portfolio

Global Incubator and Accelerator

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Global Tech-Labs Capability

Our Global Labs is comprised of five individual Lab located in US, EU, and Asia, each bring a deep domain expertise to our innovation focus areas. Among the areas we support are (Big Data - Artificial Intelligence - Online 2 Offline - Internet of Things - Connected Cars - Robotics - 3D Printing - AR / VR - OnDemand Market Place - Mobile Technologies - Cybersecurity - Bitcoin/Blockchain - FinTech - EdTech - BioTech - CleanTech - MediaTech - ArtTech - AgroTech). Explore additional insights from Deloitte

Our Team Capability is both scalable and deep within each respective domain, we have access to over 55,000 enginers located within the five continents, supported with over 300 expert mentors. These are executive at Fortune 500 companies, experienced entrepreneurs, and experts at leading Universities. They are leaders in their areas of expertise with a passion for Startup and corporate innovation; many hold PhDs from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Berkeley, UCSF and other top Universities, other comes from Mckinsey, PwC, Accenture, IBM, Google, Apple, Amazon and other industry leaders with strong know-how in innovation execution. We are industry agnostic and serve primarily:

Global Fortune 500 Companies

IP Portfolio Licensing Partners

Research Park and Universities

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Featured Thought Leaders

We are trusted by 100's Mentors, Speakers, Investors and Domain Experts.

John Doe

Scott Armanini

USC, Accenture Ventures

John Doe

Dr. Carolina Garcia

UCSF, MIT, Roche

John Doe

Vikas Gupta

Amazon, Google, Wonder

John Doe

Diana Maichin

Harvard MBA, GE Ventures.

John Doe

Amit Garg

Harvard MBA, Samsung Ventures

John Doe

Vince Cacace

Forbes 30 Under 30, Vertebrae

John Doe

Dr. Marta Zanchi

Technology Innovation, Stanford

John Doe

Paul Joffe

U of Pennsylvania, Sony

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Global Startup Program

We accept Tech Startups using Software, Data and Hardware to disrupt products and services across industries from Seed stage to Series B rounds

Product Disruption
(Global Hackathon Stage)
  • You have disruptive Ideas
  • You have Market insights
  • You own the relevant IP's
  • We provide technical Team
  • We provide seed Funding*
Apply Here
Venture Capital
(Post Accelerator Stage)
  • You raised or sold $1m+
  • You know target Market
  • Got Compelling Traction
  • We bring G2M Partners
  • We lead Series A or B*
Apply Here
Global Expansion
(Profit and M&A Stage)
  • You already raised $10m+
  • Or generated $10m+ sales
  • Reached Product Market fit
  • We provide Corp. Develop.
  • We bring Corporate Clients*
Apply Here
We are Industry agnostic

We support Startups solving top challenges with positive impact in technology, commerce, finance, education, energy, healthcare, food, transportation, and security *Program Target Goal contingent on Startup performance and our investors / corporate clients decision

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Most startup fail due to market accesss or product market fit. They spend valuable time on fundraising vs building market driven products or getting paid customers. We close a loop by reducing risks to entrepreneurs, investors and acquirers.
Our innovation centric programs, began by aligning Startup Innovation with Fortune 500 companies to assess market need and distribution capabilities, then build desired products or services and scale; along additional premium services*.
(*) Tech Labs Engineers, IP portfolio licensing (in partnership with top universities, incubators, and corporate innovation centers), Go-To-Market; mentors, and funding from seed to series B (Syndicate with our Corporate Investors).

Innovation Venture Summit & Hackathon

An exclusive premier conference, enabling Fortune 500 corporate VC's and innovation executives
to meet and gather insights from tier 1 local venture capital, emerging growth Startup, investors and thought leaders.

You will pitch/demo to top corporate investors with a combined revenues of over $1 Trillion in sales, $100 Billion in investment funds and 1 Billion in potential end users!

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