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OneTraction was conceived out of Stanford GSB during a cafeteria lunch when two entrepreneur friends, realized how opaque and granular is the process of launching and funding a startup. Further brainstorming and feedback from pioneer investors, corporate leaders and GSB, Harvard, MIT professors, led to our launch by GSB, MIT and Harvard graduate to execute one simple but gold standard vision “help startup reach the One Traction (as One Corporate Customer B2B/B2C for $1m or more) which enables large market access, positive cash flow and reduce the risks of depending on third party funding from speculative investors seeking unicorn not solving global problems and much less changing the world positively”.

To date our exponential growth, and expertise accumulated by our team during their past leadership roles at Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, Accenture, IBM, McKinsey and other industries leaders; position our journey to humbly enables a better now by creating a One Trillion USD value, through a closed loop that support one million global startup to reach a minimum of one million USD in revenues, through Corporate GO-To-Market while impacting a minimum of One Billion Customers positively and increase Startup success by ten folds.  To view detailed use cases and latest metrics, please sign (from the header).


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